Cast bronze plaques

Taking place over two weekends this project saw 100kg of bronze transformed into 22 plaques designed and made by participating residents.  Simple materials were used to produce low relief patterns and moulds - utilising ‘The mobile Foundry’ to then melt and pour the bronze. The vast majority of the production took place in the middle of the housing estate.  With the permission of the residents the completed plaques were then installed on houses throughout the estate. 

The idea of ownership plays an interesting role both for residents and Tenants First, the housing cooperative that built the estate.   Its meaning can alternate and fluctuate. Moving from non-ownership to stewardship or individual ownership to collective ownership. All  of these can be legitimate and appropriate depending on the context or timing of any given conversation.  It was this flexible sense of ownership that underpinned the project.

The plaques were individually designed, collectively manufactured and communally distributed among the houses and residents. The plaques stand in contrast to traditional house name plaques that suggest individual ownership with ‘branding’ that claims a place for oneself, saying, ‘this is mine!’ The intention of the plaques was to try and say ‘this is mine and ours!’ 

Lead artist

Jason Nelson

Participating artists:

Roddy Matheison ‘the mobile foundry’
Michael Mallett
Stephen Murray
Keven Blackwell

Plaque finishing and installation:

Jason Nelson
Ewan Taylor
Mickey Mallette
Stephen Murray